The reason why Kim Gun Woo stands out among the three bad guys in “The Glory”

Actor Kim Gun Woo is showing the standard of a villain in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”.

Three bad men appeared in “The Glory“. Among them, Kim Gun Woo (as Son Myeong Oh) helped viewers immerse themselves in the worldview of “The Glory” by unraveling the feelings of bravado, inferiority and meanness.

The Glory

The three bad men are Jeon Jae Joon (played by Park Sung Hoon), Ha Do Yeong (played by Jung Sung Il) and Son Myeong Oh. These three bad guys fascinated “The Glory” viewers with a kind of guilty pleasure (an act of gaining pleasure while feeling guilty). Jae Joon, who is violent and cruel, shows an unexpected pure love in his obsession with Park Yeon Jin (played by Lim Ji Yeon). Do Yeong, who has lived above others, is shaken by Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo), who used him.

If Jae Joon and Do Yeong captivated viewers with their reversal charm, Myeong Oh appears as a very transparent villain in “The Glory”. A one-dimensionally evil character may be boring, but Myeong Oh portrayed by Kim Gun Woo is complex.

The Glory

Among the five school violence perpetrators, Myeong Oh always came first in action whenever they bullied Dong Eun. However, Myeong Oh is actually the lowest-ranking member among the five. He works as Jae Jun’s driver and is treated worse than Jae Jun’s dog. He gets money from being an illegal drug deliveryman for Lee Sa Ra (Kim Hieora), investigating a rich man for Choi Hye Jung (Cha Joo Young), whose situation is similar to his.

The most impressive scene is when Myeong Oh encounters Dong Eun for the first time. Kim Gun Woo naturally expressed the changes in Myeong Oh’s emotions within just a few seconds, from his relaxed expression when meeting Dong Eun, whom he has always considered a person below him, to his madness when being called Jae Jun’s errand boy and his proud smile when Dong Eun says, “You were the scariest”.

Even in the scene where Myeong Oh promised to cooperate with Dong Eun, saying “I’ll bark for you days and nights. I won’t let you eat or sleep. I’ll mess them up and put them in front of your eyes”, Kim Gun Woo impressively showed the intense mask and fierce look of his character. In addition, the appearance of Myeong Oh when acting naturally in commonplaces, such as at the rice soup restaurant or the snack bar, is also a point to pay attention to.

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The image of Myeong Oh that Kim Gun Woo was not naturally created. The actor’s solid acting skills were proved by his title as the top student of the Department of Theater at the Korea National University of Arts. Above all, he also gained experience through villain roles in popular works, such as “Record of Youth”, “Catch the Ghost”, “Less than Evil”, “Fight For My Way”, etc. This is why “The Glory” writer Kim Eun Sook shouted, “Director, I pick this friend!”, as soon as she watched Kim Gun Woo’s audition video.

Unfortunately, Myeong Oh died a heroic death in season 1 of “The Glory”. However, Kim Gun Woo’s Instagram followers, which were only about 500 people, soared to 33,000 as of Jan 15th due to his intense acting. Expectations are high on what kind of character Kim Gun Woo will show in his next work.

Source: Daum

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