K-netizens React To An Idol Group From A Small Company Struggling To Sell Album

Netizens feel sad for unknown idols who are trying to promote albums by themselves

A post titled “The reality of idols from small and medium-sized companies. jpg” drew attention in theqoo. The idol group mentioned in the post is Girl’s World.

It is known that the group recently released their second album but couldn’t sell them on distribution websites due to fees so they are selling albums on their official website…

The members are also trying to promote the album and attract buyers. Member Ara has been enthusiastically asking people to buy their albums through her personal Instagram. She made several posts, such as “I confidently told the CEO that I’m going to make 100 people buy the album. An album is 20,000 won, which is equal to working part-time for 2 hours. Do you want to work with me and buy an album?… Please help me. I bet our third album on that 100 copies”, “If you think the album is pretty, please buy one…I will leave a beautiful signature for you. Please”, “Our CEO said we would be able to have a fanmeeting if we can attract 50-100 people. If not, there would be no fanmeeting, no fansigning event, and even no third album”, etc.

Their official Twitter account only has a few interactions. If you search for the group, their only TV stage was on Arirang TV. Their music video only got 9000 views.

Source: theqoo

In response, other netizens commented:

– It’s worse than a small and medium-sized companyㅠㅠ  I feel so sorry for them

– Why can’t they get the album distributed? Seems like the company didn’t think they could sell any album?

– The members are doing what an agency should do…

– Even indie artists have their albums sold on Naver Store…

– Didn’t they get scammed? How can that be called an agency?

– I searched for the company and they are not the only group… the company can’t even handle a group, but why?ㅜㅜㅜ I feel sad for them because they are working so hard

– What? Why did they set up a company even when they can’t do business?

– The company is selling albums directly to fans without a distributor? OMG…

– The basic things a company has to do is release albums, promote the members and their music… They did they recruit idols when they could not even do such things? Why do the singers have to promote themselves like that?

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