After losing multiple dance battles, Chaeyeon got her 1st win but some netizens claim it is only thanks to Mnet pitying her

Some netizens believe that Mnet was trying to encourage Chaeyeon by giving her a consolation win before she loses again in more 1-on-1 dance battles.

The 2nd episode of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” continues to attract a large number of viewers with intense 1-on-1 dance battles. Chaeyeon – the only female idol among the professional dancers, has been under a lot of pressure due to being underestimated and not as much appreciated as the rest of the girls.

Street Woman Fighter

In the 1st episode, Chaeyeon was defeated by YGX’s leader – Lee Jung. In the trailer, she made many fans worried because she burst into tears when she lost consecutively. The exciting scenes teased by Mnet made many people anticipate this week’s episode even more. However, in the second battle, Chaeyeon won for the first time with a close score of 2-1.

Street Woman Fighter
Street Woman Fighter
Street Woman Fighter

This result was expected to make viewers happy. But in fact, it has sparked great controversy. Some netizens believe that this is not a surprising scenario considering the fact that the show is produced by a “Master of creating drama” like Mnet. The idol would face difficulties and criticism at first, but then strive to win.

Many netizens commented that the battle was not convincing and the result was biased toward Chaeyeon because the skills of her opponent – Taro is clearly better. Mnet gave Chaeyeon a win as a way of consoling and encouraging her after consecutive losses.

Some netizens left comments:

  • “Chaeyeon’s win is not deserving at all, her movements were flexible but repetitive, there was no highlight. Taro is definitely stronger and follows the beat better. I think the show should have a professional consulting team, or else the results might get more ridiculous”
  • “Her dance moves are no different from the previous battle. Although I like Chaeyeon, I don’t think Chaeyeon is suitable for this show because her movements look flustered and repetitive. Overall she’s just weaker than other dancers”…

However, there are also comments supporting Chaeyeon, praising her improvement compared to the 1st battle, saying that Chaeyeon’s victory is not difficult to understand. Two votes for Chaeyeon were given by BoA and choreographer Hwang Sang Hoon.

Street Woman Fighter
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