Current status of a child actress who debuted thanks to photos her mother posted on the Internet

Actress Kim Yoo Jung is known to have chosen the drama “My Demon”.

On Jan 18th, a drama official told JTBC Enter News, “Kim Yoo Jung will play the female lead in ‘My Demon’. She will play the role of Do Do Hee, a chaebol heiress.

Kim Yoo Jung‘s agency Awesome ENT said, “‘My Demon’ is one of the works that Kim Yoo Jung is reviewing.

Kim Yoo Jung

Song Kang, who was pointed out as her partner, also revealed through his agency that he was offered to appear in the drama, raising interest in the chemistry between the two.

Kim Yoo Jung is said to have made her debut in the entertainment industry after her mother posted her photos on the Internet and was casted in a CF.

At the age of 4, she was selected as a model for Crown Confectionery’s Crown Sando, and later became a child actress. With her big eyes and lovely charm, she continued various activities such as movies, dramas and CFs.

kim yoo jung
kim yoo jung

Kim Yoo Jung showed the aspect of a trending star by appearing in 4 works in 2010. She was recognized for her acting skills and loved by the public through historical dramas such as MBC’s “Dong Yi” and “Moon Embracing the Sun”.

yeo jin goo kim yoo jung

Kim Yoo Jung was also selected to become a host of SBS’ “Inkigayo”.

In 2014, KBS2’s “Love in the Moonlight” starring Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum recorded the highest viewership rating of 23.3%. Kim Yoo Jung proved herself as a leading actress rather than a child one.

On the other hand, Kim Yoo Jung is about to make her theatrical debut with “Shakespeare in Love” at the meaningful time of her 20th debut anniversary.

Netizens were surprised that her next work is a play.

Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Yoo Jung shared thoughts on her theatrical debut, “I think it’ll be an opportunity to experience a lot and a meaningful time to show you a new side.

Kim Yoo Jung made headlines last month by releasing photos of her wearing the play’s costume on her personal SNS. Attention is focused on what her first play will be like.

Source: Daum

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