Famous celebrity suspected of cat abuse…”Cut off claws for fear of scratching his face”

Suspicion that a famous Korean celebrity abused his pet cat arose.

On Jan 20th, veterinarian Kim Myung Chul said on the YouTube channel “Meowchul’s Meow Meow Punch” that a famous celebrity once visited his animal hospital.

In the video, he shared, “A cat of a really famous celebrity in Korea once came to our hospital. I freaked out. It had already been declawed.

Veterinarian Kim Myung Chul continued, “Do you know why? (The celebrity) said that his face can’t get hurt. It’s like cutting off all human fingers. He cut off its joints so that its claws couldn’t grow.

He emphasized, “During the recovery process, the cat feels a lot of pain. Losing means of protection makes it sensitive. The biting behavior increases or the side effects are great. It’s the same as abuse.


Netizens who saw this sympathized with reactions such as “Isn’t he a psychopath?“, “It’d be great if the celebrity’s identity had been revealed“…

Meanwhile, “Meowchul’s Meow Meow Punch” run by veterinarian Kim Myung Chul has about 350,000 subscribers.

Source: Nate

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