New Jeans Danielle apologized for her controversial remark calling Lunar New Year “Chinese New Year”

On Jun 21st, an article titled “New Jeans Danielle Chinese New Year” was posted on various online communities such as FM Korea, Nate Pann, and theqoo.

The article contained some messages that Danielle sent to her fans on ADOR’s exclusive communication app for NewJeans, Phoning, on Jan 19th. Daniel said, “What are you bunnies doing Chinese New Year?” Currently, the article has been deleted.


Netizens take issue with the expression “Chinese New Year.” Many pointed out that it should be called “Lunar New Year” as it is a day celebrated by many Asian countries such as Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines, and not just a China’s holiday.

In particular, Danielle’s expression seems unusual as she is not a Chinese national, but a dual nationality (Korea and Australia).

In a related development, in a phone call with Wikitree, NewJeans agency ADOR did not immediately respond, saying, “We are sorting out what happened

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Later, Danielle admitted to the mistake by leaving an official statement on her agency’s official Instagram on the same day, starting with “Hello, I’m Danielle of New Jeans.

On Jan 19th, I sent a message on Phoning saying, ‘What are you bunnies doing Chinese New Year?’ I deleted it immediately after realizing my mistake, but the message has already been delivered to many people and it has become irreversible.

Since Lunar New Year is a holiday celebrated in many countries and regions, including Korea, my expression was inappropriate and I deeply reflect on what I did,” she wrote. “I would like to apologize to Bunnies and many people who were disappointed or hurt accordingly by what I said.”

Lastly, she added, “I will not forget this incident and try to be a more careful person in the future. I’m sorry again.

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Meanwhile, NewJeans debuted in July last year as a five-member multinational girl group. After the release of their debut album “New Jeans,” the girls drew immediate attention by taking over various music charts.

Source: Wikitree

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