BIGBANG and BTS boast incredibly close friendship despite past controversy 

Taeyang’s collaboration with Jimin (BTS) further proves the long-term relationship between BIGBANG and BTS. 

BIGBANG and BTS are two famous K-pop boy groups. (Image: Kpopping)

On January 13, 2023, Taeyang (BIGBANG) released his new song “VIBE” featuring Jimin (BTS), a solo production that marked Taeyang’s comeback after more than 5 years. The collaboration quickly gained attention from fans. 

Taeyang Jimin
Taeyang collaborated with Jimin in a solo comeback after more than 5 years. (Image: THEBLACKLABELS)

The duo joined in composing and producing the new song. In an interview with “Rolling Stone” magazine, Taeyang revealed, “About two years ago, though, Teddy at THEBLACKLABEL was watching me work. That was at a time when the BTS members weren’t doing many solo activities. And Teddy mentioned in passing that he thought people would really enjoy it if I got together with Jimin to collaborate on a great song.” 

Taeyang Jimin
Jimin accepted the offer to join the collaboration with Taeyang. (Image: THEBLACKLABELS)
Taeyang Jimin
The unexpected collaboration between Taeyang and Jimin surprised fans. (Image: Instagram @_youngbae_)

On the same day of the song’s release, Taeyang was announced to be appearing on BTS’ Suga’s show “Suchwita.”

Taeyang Suga
Taeyang was introduced to be on BTS Suga’s show “Suchwita.” (Image: BANGTANTV)

Taeyang and Suga had an intimate chat on various subjects. What gained attention, however, was the fact that Taeyang was ready to accept the invitation to be on the program, proving an incredible closeness between him and BTS. This episode will be aired on January 18th, building up anticipation. 

Previously, Taeyang generated a sensation when he attended the launch party of J-Hope’s first solo album “Jack in the Box.” On the radio show “Park So Hyun’s Love Game,” J-Hope shared that he personally invited the artist through private messaging and expressed his admiration for Taeyang’s music. Hence, Taeyang’s acceptance could be seen as an act of appreciation towards his fan, J-Hope.

J-hope Taeyang
Taeyang appeared at J-Hope’s solo debut party. (Image: Instagram @_youngbae_)

In July 2022, G-Dragon and J-Hope attended the birthday party of Tom Sachs, an American contemporary artist and took photos together, boasting a close bond that dated before their musical collaboration. 

bts j-hope g-dragon
G-Dragon took photos with J-Hope and friends. (Image: Pinterest)
G-Dragon J-Hope
The intimate moments between G-Dragon and J-Hope and his friend group. (Image: Instagram @staffanahrenberg​)
G-Dragon J-Hope
The two male idols are surprisingly close. (Image: Pinterest)

Nonetheless, in the past, there was a conflict going on between BTS and BIGBANG regarding the similarity between the VCR for BTS’ stage performance and T.O.P’s solo “Act Like Nothing Is Wrong.” 

BTS big bang
BTS’ VCR was said to share similarities with BIGBANG. (Image: Pinterest)

While HYBE at that time denied the allegation and explained that it was the staff’s fault, BTS still received a lot of negative reactions from the audience.

bts thumbnail
BTS are hardcore fans of BIGBANG. (Image: HYBE Labels)
BIGBANG’s and BTS’s fandoms still have unresolved conflict with each other. (Image: Pinterest)

Despite fans’ reactions, the idols are maintaining a close relationship. They act in silence and never fail to show support for each other. 

Source: k14

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