“The grandmother who owns the Eden Villa represents God”… Drama fans make another guess about “The Glory” characters

Along with the growing popularity of Netflix’s “The Glory”, theories and interpretations by viewers are also spreading.

The Glory” tells about the main character Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), who suffered severe school violence in high school, taking revenge on the perpetrators after becoming an adult.

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Part 1 of “The Glory” is currently available on Netflix, and Part 2 will be released in March. With more than two months left before being able to watch Part 2, viewers are making various predictions about the drama’s ending.

Among the theories, Internet users are showing keen interest in the identity of the grandmother who owns the Eden Villa building. 

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Eden Villa is the building right in front of Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon)’s house in Semyeong city, and where Moon Dong Eun lives.

From the rooftop of the building where the angel’s trumpets look down on the ground and the devil’s trumpets look towards the sky when they bloom, Dong Eun can see Park Yeon Jin’s house.

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Although there are scenes where Dong Eun talks with the grandmother (Soon Sook), the owner of the Eden Villa, and raises questions about things she’s curious about, no specific story about the grandmother has been revealed.

However, many netizens are speculating that the grandmother might have also suffered damage from Park Yeon Jin, pointing out several details, such as the name ‘Eden Villa’ of the building, its location in front of Park Yeon Jin’s house, and the fact that she let Dong Eun rent her apartment at a cheap price.

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In particular, some people connect the role to “Goblin” and guess that the existence of the grandmother represents God. They pay attention to the grandmother’s identity because of the name ‘Eden Villa’ and the way she explains the angel’s trumpets and the devil’s trumpets to Dong Eun.

As the grandmother lets Dong Eun pay cheap monthly rent because she already knows that Dong Eun is a teacher, viewers point out that this character doesn’t feel like a normal villa owner.

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