Amazing acting skills of Sooyoung’s boyfriend… “His lecture looks like a real one”

Jung Kyung Ho caught the eye with his amazing acting skills.

In tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Crash Course in Romance”, which first aired on Jan 14th, the daily life of math instructor Choi Chi Yeol (Jung Kyung Ho) was depicted.

Jung Kyung-ho

Choi Chi Yeol is a popular and outspoken math instructor whose nickname is “one-trillion-won man” because he has an economic value of 1 trillion won. On this day, Jung Kyung Ho captivated viewers with his amazing performance.

At the press conference, Jung Kyung Ho said that he watched a lot of videos of popular instructors, and that he mixed the teacher who taught him math with his way of speaking.

Jung Kyung-ho

Jung Kyung Ho, who also practiced writing on the board, showed his writing skills on the broadcast that day.

Jung Kyung Ho’s acting immediately spread to various SNS and online communities, drawing attention. In particular, some netizens shared the video, saying, “Jung Kyung Ho’s lecture looks like a real one.

Netizens commented, “His writing skills are crazy. He worked hard“, “It seems real right from the part ‘Today’s test was X difficult’“, “Jung Kyung Ho did really well“…

Source: Wikitree

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