Choi Ye-na visited her brother’s military unit twice when she was busy with IZ*ONE’s activities

Singer Choi Ye-na’s older brother Choi Sung-min expressed his gratitude towards his younger sister.

On the August 23rd broadcast of MBC’s “DNA Mate”, Hong Joo-hyun visited the practice room to support her older sister Hong Ji-yoon’s first musical challenge.

household mate

On this day, Hong Joo-hyun celebrated her sister’s first lead role in a musical by giving the actors handheld fans.

Watching this, DinDin asked Choi Sung-min, “What if Ye-na comes to your filming site?”

Choi Sung-min then mentioned his sister, singer Choi Ye-na, and said, “She never came when I was working, but when I was in the military, she did come to my unit.”

household mate

When DinDin asked “Was it when she was active as IZ*ONE?”, Choi Sung-min replied, “That’s right. It was when IZ*ONE was making everyone ‘go crazy’. At that time, Ye-na came twice.”

Choi Sung-min added that his military life became easier after Choi Ye-na’s visit, causing laughter.

DinDin envied, “Your military life must have been smooth.”

household mate

Meanwhile, Choi Ye-na worked as a member of the popular idol group IZ*ONE from 2018 to 2021. Choi Ye-na went to the military to visit her brother even when she was very busy, showing the two’s deep brother-sister relationship.

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