NewJeans Hanni was worried for “OMG” after the success of “Ditto”

Hanni, a member of NewJeans, expressed her worries and said that she doesn’t really feel the attention despite NewJeans’ sensationality.

On January 17th, episode 46 of “Lee Mu Jin Service”, which featured NewJeans Hanni, was published on the YouTube channel KBS Kpop. 

Here, the NewJeans members revealed her true feelings about the successes of “OMG” and “Ditto”, as well as anecdotes surrounding them.

newjeans hanni

In particular, when asked if she expected “OMG” to become popular, Hanni answered, “We (NewJeans) were honestly worried.”

She then explained, “‘Ditto’ became more popular than we expected, so we were worried about OMG”, adding, “We’re very grateful that so many people love ‘OMG’ too”.

newjeans ditto

Meanwhile, Lee Mu Jin had a lot of praise for ADOR and NewJeans’ strategy of releasing “Ditto” ahead of “OMG”, saying, “I’ve heard both songs and they each have their own charm, so I think the pre-release strategy was a good idea. If both songs come out together, people have no choice but to focus more on the title track. But since you showed us the side track first, we can enjoy both of them. That’s what I really liked about this album.”

Finally, against the question if NewJeans feel the attention with the group becoming a sensation, Hanni replied, “No, not really”. 

“We just have fun on stage and on the music video set. I think we don’t actually feel the attention or worry too much about it because we’re having fun”, she continued. 

Source: YouTube

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