Heechul said that he once lost a lover due to a reason; is this why he broke up with Momo (TWICE)?

Isn’t it true that Heechul and Momo (TWICE) broke up because of their busy schedules?

After more than a year of publicly dating, Heechul and Momo (TWICE) announced their breakup in early July.  The reason the couple broke up was because of their busy schedules.  Industry insiders revealed that the couple did not have time for each other.  This is also the reason for the breakup of most couples in showbiz.

However, Heechul’s only sentence in the preview for the show “Falling For Korea – International Couple,” which aired on July 26, led viewers to believe that his busy schedule was not the reason for his and Momo’s breakup. When Liana complained about her game-addicted husband, the “universe superstar” replied, “I also lost the person I loved because of game.”

Because Momo was the only girl Heechul publicly dated, netizens immediately thought of TWICE’s “dance machine,” even though Heechul did not mention the identity of the person he lost because of his enthusiasm for games. Heechul is well-known for his fondness for video games. He used to spend a lot of money on gaming or invest in the Brion Sports League of Legends team. The male idol regularly livestreams himself playing games and even marries a game character. Many others believe, however, that the person Heechul mentioned to is unlikely to be Momo and that the rumors are baseless.

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