Romance in “Little Women”?… Wi Ha-joon became Kim Go-eun’s protector

“Little Women” Wi Ha-joon set out as Kim Go-eun’s protector.

In the Sep 11th broadcast of tvN’s “Little Women“, Oh In-ju (Kim Go-eun) lost 2 billion won to Park Jae-sang (Um Ki-joon)’s foundation. However, she asked for 100 million won in order to pay for her younger sister Oh In-hye (Park Ji-hu)’s hospital bill, and she was beaten almost to death. Choi Do-il (Wi Ha-joon) appeared at that time.

Wi Ha-joon is appearing at every important moment with a calm way of speaking, restrained eyes and expressions. He showed a strong presence that reversed the drama’s atmosphere and perfectly embodied the character Choi Do-il, raising the tension of the work.

Little Women

Starting from episode 3, Wi Ha-joon completed the excitement and tension created by the cooperation and guard relationship between Oh In-ju and Choi Do-il. The subtle atmosphere between the two is giving viewers a strong sense of immersion towards “Little Women”.

In particular, Wi Ha-joon wrapped his arms around Oh In-ju, who was trembling in fear in front of the sudden accident of Director Shin (Oh Jung-se), and hugged her. The expressions of Wi Ha-joon, who delivered “unconditional goodwill”, were dangerous yet sweet and fatal.

He also added tension by digging up the fact that Jin Hwa-young (Choo Ja-hyun) bought a house and a car in Singapore under Oh In-ju’s name and lived there for 3 years through his own source. He confirmed that she had deposited 70 billion won in slush funds into Oh In-ju’s account and informed Oh In-ju of this fact, leading to a new phase.

As such, the appearance of Wi Ha-joon, who claimed to be a guardian at every dangerous moment and and played an active role in all directions as “Oh In-ju’s protector”, raised expectations and curiosity about what relationship Choi Do-il and Oh In-ju would develop through their cooperation.

Source: Daum

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