Kim Mi Kyung: the warm-hearted mother in K-drama who has collaborated with Park Min Young 4 times already  

Kim Mi Kyung might be an unfamiliar name to you, but once you see her photo, you will immediately recognize her as she has appeared in a lot of different works.    

Kim Mi Kyung

Kim Mi Kyung was born in 1963 and started her career in 1986 when she was 23 years old. At the age of 59, she is still acting. As a veteran actress who belongs to the older generation, there seems to be no longer any shocking story about her daily life anymore. However, in terms of acting, gotta say she has been in countless remarkable works with impressive roles.

Collaborated with Park Mi Young 4 times, appeared as her mother 3 out of 4

In “Forecasting Love and Weather”, apart from the main couple, there’s another role that everyone is impressed by, which is the role of female lead Jin Ha Kyung’s mother. This time, Kim Mi Kyung plays the role of a sensible mother who immediately realized her future son-in-law’s dark side, went to a marriage consulting agency just because she is worried her daughter might be alone. Actress Kim Mi Kyung’s acting is funny but sentimental at the same time.

As a veteran actress, Kim Mi Kyung and Park Min Young’s relationship goes way back as they have collaborated 4 times already on TV screen. Before “Forecasting Love and Weather,” both have appeared together in “Her Private Life,” “Healer,” and “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”. 3 out of 4 times, Kim Mi Kyung appeared as Park Min Young’s mother, and almost every time she’s always worried about her daughter being lonely without a boyfriend. She might be always pushing her daughter to get married, but she does it in an adorable way. In “Healer,” Kim appeared as Park’s colleague.

Collaborated with Park Mi Young 4 times, appeared as her mother 3 out of 4

The close relationship between these 2 actresses is undeniable as they have met in 2010, 12 years ago. Thanks to Kim Mi Kyung’s acting skills, her collaborations with Park Min Young always went smoothly. Despite her age, she still has a very young spirit and is very friendly, indeed a stable senior for her young colleagues.

The kind mother of Korean small screen, who has worked with many top stars

Besides her working history with Park Min Young, Kim Mi Kyung is also a senior actress that nearly every generation of famous Korean actors has worked with. This includes Kim Hee Sun of the 90s, Kim Tae Hee of the 2000s to Kim Woo Bin, Kim Soo Hyun of 2010s or Song Kang of 2020s.

The actress’s filmography is extremely huge because she has been acting since 1986, so far it has been almost 36 years. Although most of her later roles are supporting roles such as mothers and aunts, or sometimes a Hacker Ahjumma (her role in “Healer”), it can be said that no role can challenge this veteran actress.

Despite the variety of roles she has portrayed, the roles that remind viewers of her the most are mothers.

In “The Heirs,” she played the role of Park Shin Hye‘s mute mother and acted so brilliantly that many can’t forget the scenes where she used handwriting or pen and paper to communicate with other people. In “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,” her character is not the biological mother of Kim Soo Hyun and his brother but always brings a motherly warmth to the two brothers. In “Hi Bye Mama,” she plays Kim Tae Hee‘s mother, a mother who has lost her daughter but always wants her son-in-law to quickly re-marry to have a better life.

There are many emotional scenes she has portrayed in the role of a mother, and they will be remembered by the viewers. A lot of her roles are mothers of beautiful girls who refuse to get married, so sometimes her characters worry about her daughters a lot. The list of her daughters includes the beautiful Park Min Young, Seo Hyun Jin in “Another Oh Hae Young,” and Gong Hyo Jin in “It’s Okay That’s Love.”

Having been in the film industry for many years, going through all the periods of technology changes, Kim Mi Kyung is still diligent in her work and life. That many young actors who have worked with her respect and love her is a testament to her glorious career as an actress.

Hopefully, Kim Mi Kyung will continue to contribute her best to movies and dramas and create good roles, quality works, and stand side by side with young actors to guide them in the future.

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