NMIXX: “We are happy with our team name, determined to be responsible for the new era”  

NMIXX held an online showcase for its debut single “AD MARE” on March 1st and expressed their feelings about debuting.  

At an online showcase to commemorate the release of its first single “AD MARE” on March 1st, NMIXX said about its team name and what kind of expectation they have for themselves in the future.

NMIXX, consisting of 7 members, Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Jinni, Bae, Jiwoo, and Kyujin, is a girl group whose name has the meaning of “the best combination to take responsibility for a new era” by merging the letter “N,” which means the variant “n” and “MIX,” which symbolizes diversity. Haewon said, “All seven members have different infinite charms. These charms fit together so well and we have a strong ambition to show those new charms that have never existed in this world,” expressing their confidence.


They also looked back to when their debut was confirmed. Jiwoo said, “I’m happy to have a team name, and on the other hand, I realized that this means I’m really debuting. Knowing that it has the meaning of the best combination to take charge of the new era, I became more affectionate towards our team name. We are determined to become a group responsible for the new era, just like the meaning of our name.” Lily then joined in, “I think it is a very suitable name. It is also good that there are two Xs, not just one. I like it because it is a chic and good name to remember. I hope many K-Pop fans remember and love us,” she said. 

Questions also followed about what kind of talk and determination the members have made ahead of their debut. Sullyoon said, “It feels like just yesterday that we practiced with other artists’ songs. But now it feels amazing to be able to practice with songs recorded with our own voices. We did it as if we were on the actual stage every practice. We also decided on a fighting slogan to shout before the stage, which is to enjoy it together,” she recalled. Their fighting chant is “NMIXX, NMIXX, Ah!” Haewon added, “As we said we are a diverse group, we shout ‘Ah~’ with our own charm.”


NMIXX emphasized that it is an all-rounder girl group that can sing, dance, and with perfect visuals. Sullyoon said, “I tried hard to show my all-rounder image, which is not limited to any specific position. I want to hear our fans say all the members are aces after watching ‘O.O’,” while Jiwoo said, “We want to be a group that anyone would want to watch again even after watching 777 times”. Regarding the message they want to convey through their single, Jinni said, “As it means facing the sea, we want to convey our strong ambition to take a step and move forward to the ocean-like world we dream of.”

Regarding the goal of their promotion activity this time, Jinni said, “As this activity is our first signal, we want to inform the world of the group name and the presence of NMIXX.” Kyujin said, “There is a cafe I often go to after practice, and I think it would be good to hear ‘O.O’ there.” Jiwoo wants to see the audience exclaim at their performance like the meaning contained in “O.O,” saying, “I will do my best to make the viewers exclaim.” Haewon said, “I want to capture not only those who love K-pop but also those who are new to K-Pop. Thank you for saying that we are the rising star after our senior artists. We will become a group that meets those high expectations,” she said.


NMIXX will hold a fan showcase at Blue Square Mastercard Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, at 8 p.m. on March 1st and meet their fans offline for the first time.

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