Most shocking K-drama nowadays: Mistress share a bed with husband and wife?

A currently-airing K-drama has been drawing attention for boasting outrageous and unbelievable scenes. 

“Red Balloon” is the highly-anticipated return of “Crash Landing On You” star Seo Ji Hye. In this K-drama, however, the actress takes on a never-seen-before image with her role of Jo Eun Gang – who failed the teaching qualification test, and instead works as a tutor. At first glance, Eun Gang seems like a calm character without any care about life, but she’s actually filled with greed and willing to do anything to achieve her purposes. 

Red Balloon
Seo Ji Hye as Eun Gang in “Red Balloon”

On the other hand, Eun Gang’s best friend, Han Ba Da, was a rich young lady. Her family went bankrupt right before her wedding, but her lifestyle experienced little changes, seeing that her husband is wealthy. 

Despite being friends, Han Ba Da has always treated Eun Gang more like a servant, and doesn’t actually care about her well-being. Unexpectedly, Ba Da’s husband and Eun Gang started to develop feelings for each other, and often look for each other even though Ba Da is present. 

Red Balloon
Red Balloon
Eun Gang and the husband of her best friend 

In a latest episode, Eun Gang pretended to be drunk at a meeting, leading to Ba Da and her husband taking her back to their home. Then, she went into the couple’s room that night, caressing Ba Da’s husband with her best friend in the very same bed. Fortunately, the scene turns out to be a dream of Ba Da’s mother, who has been suspicious of Eun Gang. Nevertheless, it was a shocking sight to see, leading to mixed responses from the audience. 

Red Balloon
Red Balloon

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • K-dramas nowadays are certainly getting bold…
  • I know it was a dream but it doesn’t get any less weird
  • Why is there a K-drama that revolves around a mistress? Are we supposed to root for her or something?
  • The wife is also a douche but there’s no excuse for messing with your best friend’s marriage
  • I was so frustrated watching this scene. Thankfully, it was a dream…

Source: k14

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