“Payback” Moon Chae Won, “I applied as little makeup as possible. I gave up on my desire to look pretty to portray a cool character”

Actress Moon Chae Won raised expectations for her acting transformation in the new TV series “Payback”.

The press conference for SBS’s new Fri-Sat drama “Payback” was held on January 6th. Actors Lee Sun Kyun, Moon Chae Won, Kang Yoo Seok, Park Hoon, and director Lee Won Tae attended the event.

Moon Chae-won

“Payback” tells the revenge of those who risk everything to fight the money cartel that colluded with the law. The drama was jointly created by writer Kim Won Seok of “The Queen’s Classroom” and “Descendants of the Sun” and director Lee Won Tae of “The Devil’s Deal” and “Man of Will”. 

In the drama, Moon Chae Won plays the role of Park Joon Kyung, an army major and an elite prosecutor-turned-judicial officer who passed the bar exam and graduated from the training institute with top scores. She’s a three-dimensional character who is willing to become a monster to confront monsters in the examinations of justice.

Moon Chae-won Lee Sun Kyun

Moon Chae Won said, “I watched many movies and dramas with the same type over and over again. I also watched the works of other actors and the director, and I think that helped me the most in acting.” Regarding her character, the actress said, “I had no difficulty getting immersed in Park Joon Kyung. I think I naturally started by becoming the character myself”.

Kang Yoo Seok also described his character – prosecutor Jang Tae Chun, saying “He’s a passionate and energetic person. His appearance represents hard-working young people nowadays.”

Director Lee Won Tae explained the casting. He said, “The character Eun Yong played by Lee Su Kyun is a hero who acts in his own way. It really depends on how the actor acts. Compared to the image of Eun Yong that I had, Lee Sun Kyun made the character become much freer, braver, and more impactful.”

Lee Sun Kyun

As for Moon Chae Won, director Lee said, “I didn’t work with many female actors before, so I was really nervous knowing I would film with actress Moon Chae Won. While working with her, I kept exclaiming, ‘She acts so well’, ‘Moon Chae Won is doing it in her way’, etc.” He added, “Through the way she performed her lines, I could see that she studied and researched the character carefully before going to the set. I was very thankful for that. Even in difficult situations, she was always kind and all the staff liked her.”

Referring to his character Eun Yong, Lee Sun Kyun said, “I wanted to show a different acting tone when dealing with each person. I thought it would be a way to make my character become more impressive. Since Eun Yong makes a lot of deals, I focused on performing persuasive lines.” In addition, the actor confessed, “I was very worried about the action scenes. At my age, I couldn’t recover my energy fast for the filming the next day. However, the action team designed the scene so well and I trusted them”.


Regarding what she paid attention to the most when acting in this drama, Moon Chae Won shared, “I tried to apply as little makeup as possible. I gave up on my desire to look pretty because I believed that I could act in a cool way.”

When asked about the reaction she wants to receive through “Payback”, the actress said, “I would love to hear words like ‘Moon Chae Won has grown so well’, or ‘She has gotten older but her acting is still good. She gives off a new feeling’.”

“Payback” will premiere at 10 p.m. on January 6th. 

Source: Daum

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