The 14.5-billion-won Cheongdamdong building purchased by Won Bin and Lee Na Young doubles in price after 5 years

The Cheongdamdong building Won Bin and Lee Na Young bought with 14.5 billion won in 2018 is reportedly offered a price of 30 billion won.

It was revealed on April 30th that Won Bin and Lee Na Young purchased a building in Cheongdamdong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul with 14.5 billion won in February 2018. The building has two basement floors and five ground floors, with a land area of 715.1㎡ and a total floor area of 2456.19㎡.

According to the real estate industry, Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s building is currently offered at a price of 30 billion won. Although the exact price cannot be confirmed because no transaction has been made, it is said that the couple would not sell the building unless it is over 30 billion won.

This building is located in an area with various convenient facilities, such as Cheongdamdong luxury shopping street and COEX. Additionally, there is currently a restaurant with two Michelin Guide stars inside the building.

It takes only 8 minutes (about 300m) to walk to the Apgujeong Rodeo Station on the Suin-Bundang Line. In terms of location, the value of the building is very good.

However, the only disadvantage is that the building is quite old as it was built in 1992 and the parking lot is cramped.

Knowing the fact that Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s building price soared to around 30 billion won, Won Bin’s fans expressed disappointment, claiming that the possibility of him making an acting comeback has been lowered because the actor still makes lots of money without activities. 

Lee Na Young

Meanwhile, Won Bin and Lee Na Young got married in 2015 and welcomed their first son in December of the same year.

Won Bin has not released any new acting project for 13 years since the 2010 movie “The Man from Nowhere”. His wife Lee Na Young is scheduled to make a comeback through Wavve’s new series “Park Ha Kyung’s Travel Journal” on May 24th after a hiatus of three years.

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