Revealed as the hottest hybrid contestant of Girls Planet 999, but can Huening Bahiyyih become the second Somi?

With outstanding talent and beauty, this hybrid girl is the most prominent name among the trainees, becoming a bright candidate for the center position of Girls Planet 999. 

On July 17, Mnet released a series of self-introduction videos of 33 Korean trainees.  Among the many contestants, the video that received the most views was not the center Dayeon but Huening Bahiyyih.

She is the younger sister of TXT member Heuning Kai.  Thanks to her brother’s fame and her outstanding beauty and talent, Huening Bahiyyih easily attracted the attention of the public, standing out among the contestants of this year’s Girls Planet 999.

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In her introduction video, Huening Bahiyyih not only introduced interesting talents but also cleverly showed off her beauty and voice.  With the mixed-race advantage, she has a strikingly high nose, which is fully flaunted by keeping the chopsticks balanced on it. 

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Moreover, Huening Bahiyyih confidently showed off her sweet voice.  She jumped rope while singing SNSD’s Into the New World and then covered Ariana Grande’s hit song One Last Time.  With only a few short verses, Huening Bahiyyih showed off her steady vocal ability, high and bright voice, as well as good stability.

Possessing both talent and beauty, along with the inherent fame of her brother, she rose to the top among the trainees.  Huening Bahiyyih is being evaluated as a bright candidate for the center position of the program. Many people look forward to her performance in the upcoming journey.  Will this girl maintain her charm and be able to succeed Jeon Somi to become the second hybrid center?

Source: K14

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