K-pop group with the most successful idols in the drama scene in 2023

Lee Jun Ho, Chansung, and Taecyeon of 2PM are making highly anticipated comebacks in 2023.

2PM is a second-generation K -pop group under JYP that debuted in 2008. From their debut until now, almost all members have attempted with acting. Among 6 members, 3 of them have made been loved by the Korean audience and K-drama enthusiasts around the world.


Lee Jun Ho

After his acting performance on “The Red Sleeve”, Jun Ho has become a sought-after actor and is on the rise to stardom. Jun Ho himself revealed he received approximately 100 filming offers following the period drama.


After a fulfilling 2022, the actor is returning to the small screen with the romantic comedy-drama “King the Land” starring alongside Yoona. He plays Goo Won, a third-generation heir to the King Group who does not like anyone who can fake a smile. He has a chance encounter with a hotelier of the King Hotel Cheon Sa Rang while he is on his way to regain the memory of his mother.

The drama will air this June on JTBC.


Chansung left a strong impression on the audience early on his career on “Unstoppable High Kick”. His character is known for a habit of eating at other people’s houses.


Afterward, after nearly two decades, Chansung returned to the small screen with JTBC’s new drama “Bora! Deborah”. He plays Joo Wan, one of the two male leads and is Bora’s fiancé. Joo Wan is a successful businessman who runs a renowned chicken franchise. Joo Wan and Bora were on their way to get married but the marriage got called off at the last minute due to an unexpected change in Bora’s life.  

While Chansung rarely acts in a drama, his unique and versatile expressions were memorable to the audience in a rather lackluster drama.


Taecyeon gained recognition first as the male lead in “Dream High”. He quickly affirmed himself as a capable actor with firm acting chops. In 2021, the leader of 2PM returned with “Vincenzo” starring Song Joong Ki. Two years later, the actor turned heads with a guest role in Netflix’s spin-off “XO, Kitty”. Taecyeon plays Ocean Park, a busy superstar who has a close relationship with Min Ho’s mother. Taecyeon struck an impression with a dashing and high-class appearance and wowed viewers with his fluent English.

In the future, he is set to return in the drama “My Heart Is Beating” as Woo Hyul, a vampire who dreams of becoming a human. He moves in with a girl named In Hae (Won Ji An) to feel the warmth of humans. The drama will air on KBS2.

Source: Hancinema 

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