[Theqoo]K-netizens comment on aespa Winter saying “throwing the first ball in a baseball game” is her dream

While communicating with fans through "Bubble", aespa Winter confessed that throwing the first ball in a baseball game is her dream.

The theqoo article regarding this became a hot topic with over 31,000 views as of the afternoon of June 3rd. Below are some comments from Korean netizens.

Original post: theqoo

– Whose fan is she?

– What are you doing, Doosan (Korean professional baseball team Doosan Bears)? Hurry up and invite her.

– Winter, what do you think about Samsung (Korean professional baseball team Samsung Lions)?

– Since Winter is a fan of Doosan, of course she should come to Doosan! Our team’s uniform is pretty. It’ll suit her well!!

– No matter where, please throw the first ball.

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