“Sister, I’m going to the reserve army. Please cheer for me”…NMIXX Haewon “broke down” after hearing a male fan’s request

If you are supported by your “favorite idol” ahead of a difficult task, you will gain strength that you did not have before.

A male fan who is about to train in the reserve army also asked his “one-pick” female idol to cheer for him, but the reply was bitter. What happened?

NMIXX Haewon

In November last year, NMIXX Haewon had time to communicate with fans through VLIVE.

On this day, Haewon read a message saying “Sister, I’m going to the reserve army. Please cheer for me” while looking at the comments posted by fans.

NMIXX Haewon

Haewon was a bit confused then froze.

After 3 seconds of silence, Haewon said, “Reserve army? He would have already left the army. In Korea, go to the army from the age of 20…

Assuming that the male fan enlisted after the age of 20 and completed his 18-month service period, he was at least 21 years old. Haewon was bewildered to hear the word “sister” from the male fan.

NMIXX Haewon

Haewon (born in 2003) was 20 years old at that time, so she had to be younger than the “reserve army” fan.

NMIXX Haewon

Haewon, who was in a daze, caused laughter as she scratched her philtrum and carefully asked, “How old are you?

Meanwhile, Haewon recently appeared on tvN’s new music program “Hwasa Show” and performed enthusiastically.

Source: Insight

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