Netizens said about the scary thing about the woman who exposed Kim Seon-ho

After Dispatch and some journalists clarified Kim Seon Ho’s incident, Korean netizens had a completely different attitude towards him.

On the morning of November 1, Dispatch revealed a text message between Kim Seon Ho and his ex-girlfriend, Choi Young Ah. According to the report, the disclosure of Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend was false. Kim Seon Ho said he wanted to marry her and would take responsibility when she announced that she had a baby, but it was Choi who decided to have an abortion. Earlier, Dispatch also had another post claiming that Choi Young Ah was a liar.

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Besides, former reporter Kim Yong Ho also revealed terrible secrets about Choi Young Ah. He also confirmed that she had an affair with a famous singer while still in a relationship with Kim Seon Ho. He also said that she was not depressed about the abortion like in the original post.

After a series of incidents, many netizens have changed their attitude towards the actor. Recently a post titled “The scary thing about the woman who exposed Kim Seon-ho” has attracted the attention of netizens. The post is as follows:

“Her lies got caught one by one, then she realized they are breaking up. At first, she sent katalk message to Kim Seon-ho saying that she was sorry, she wouldn’t lie anymore while trying to hold onto him. But when he decided to leave, she pray to God every morning and even bow to Buddhaㅋㅋㅋㅋ… Then she be like “That’s it, I’m gonna get my revenge” (but still, what revenge thou?) and exposed him.”

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Choi Young-ah couldn’t accept that break-up.
“Choi Young-ah has prayed to every deity she could pray to. She has gone to temples and churches. She even went to ㅇtemple to do the 108 bow ritual. She went to church to do her morning prayer too. She even consulted a fortune teller, and do tarot reading….”
Her friends have predicted.
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“She said she would wait until the morning praying section ended. If he didn’t return, she would not forgive him…She said that she couldn’t forgive Seon-ho, seeing his activity on TV. Instead she would ruin him. She said that, but still went on to meet other men around her.” (Choi Young-ah’s acquaintance)
kim seon ho
Choi Young-ah has framed Kim Seon-ho as a trashy man who forces her to abort, change his face after, abandon her, just trash.
Apart from Choi Young-ah, every other acquaintance’s words differ from hers. They said he was hurt too, he was worried, like any normal man would do.


  • Maybe even she thought that he was the once-in-a-lifetime perfect guy that she would never be able to meet againㅠSuch an unexpected mix of religionㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • What’s that collaboration of churches and temples
  • Haiz, I feel this both during Eunhyuk’s, and Kim Seon-ho’s controversy. People need to be careful of people who keep footage of their exes after break-up;; It was her fault, why she said she couldn’t forgive him..
  • If she was this obsessed with him, she should have hide and give birth in secret…I now doubt that it’s either the baby wasn’t Kim Seon-ho’s or she might have given birth in secret
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