‘Kang Daniel is the best’ variety skills that were seen by Master Key – Running Man PD

After filming for RM on the 16th, he filmed for Master Key on the 24th. Although he’s a fixed member, due to a conflicting schedule he was unable to join in on previous episodes and will return from here onwards.

Following his appearance earlier this year on PD101 S2 in April, eventually debuting in the group W1, he then appeared in Happy Together, Superman Returns, Immortal Songs, Hello Counsellor, Oppa Thinking, Let’s Have Dinner Together, SNL, etc. In August, he also joined the pilot program It’s Dangerous Outside of the Blankets, not with his members but challenging it alone for the first time, and gained a lot of attention.

Through his many variety show appearances, he is no longer a newbie to variety, showing his growth in the field. Currently, with W1’s activities for their new album plus his participation in variety, he has only just begun. His solo appearance on Running Man and his appearance with fellow W1 member Ong Seongwu on Master Key will act as the stepping stone in his journey towards becoming a variety-dol.
We then asked the PDs of both Running Man and Master Key for their thoughts on Kang Daniel‘s variety sense.

Master Key PD:

Kang Daniel recently had two filmings. Maybe it’s because of that that he got really close with the other members. When he meets Lee Sugeun, Jeon Hyunmoo, Henry, Kim Jongmin etc he is never awkward, but rather they get along comfortably. During the first filming, since it was an unfamiliar environment, he often wore an awkward smile but now he films enjoyable. He’s not just forcing a reaction, but it’s more of him being so involved in the situation that natural reactions just come out of him.
Master Key is a game, and requires reasoning skills, and he seemed really immersed in it. He voices out what he is confident in, and had the greed to do well, leading to good results. He even plays jokes on the opponents to make them more confused. I’m not sure if it’s because of him filming for RM before this, but it’s like he went through an upgrade. Ong Seongwu was like that too, both being very active throughout filming.
If I had to score him out of 100 for his variety sense I’d give him 99. If I gave him 100, it’d seem too unreal so I minused 1 point (laughs).

Runng Man PD:

Not only the viewers, but even the members of RM were curious about Kang Daniel. The female members Song Jihyo and Jeon Somin in particular wanted to see him. As he fits the concept, we casted him along with other people like Jo Saeho. So the moment he appeared on the filming site, everyone welcomed him. Apparently, Kang Daniel has been a fan of RM since his first year of middle school. I heard that the other members wish to come out on RM too.
Since he’s a rookie, he was shy at first. But as filming progressed he did well. He even approached No Sayeon with no hesitation and was good at improvising. He was very considerate to others too. Knowing that his words have a lot of influence, he was careful in what he said to the female cast members, in case he may cause them any trouble. Honestly, I thought that since he is really popular, he would be conscious about his star image throughout filming. I was shocked to see that was not the case. As we were eating lunch together, I found him to be very comfortable. Kang Daniel told me that “despite only comfortable. Kang Daniel told me that “despite only training for 2 years, I am receiving an overwhelming amount of love”, showing his modesty. He really has a greed to do well in the games, but surprisingly he has a clumsy side to him as well. Yoo Jaeseok even laughed while saying “he has made a character for himself in variety”.
I now know why so many people like Kang Daniel. It’s nice to see him working hard. Watching him in variety shows is fun. While being charismatic on stage, he has a clumsy side to him in variety, making him a funny kid.

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