NCT/ WayV Lucas updated SNS after more than 1 year since private-life scandal: Is he hinting at a comeback?

NCT/ WayV Lucas has the latest post on Instagram

Recently, NCT/WayV member Lucas posted a picture on his own Instagram. This is a scene from the movie “Top Gun: Maverick (2022)”. This is the first post of the male idol after nearly 7 months since the last image was posted on February 9.

After the scandal broke out in August 2021, Lucas is on hiatus from activities and SM Ent has not made any new announcements about the male idol’s future plans. In early February of this year, Lucas also posted a picture of the sea. Lucas’ move made many netizens unhappy because they thought that the male idol was implying that he was about to return to activities even though the scandal had not been clarified. On the other hand, the male idol’s fans are excited when thinking that he is about to return.

The movie scene posted by Lucas has the background music of the song I Ain’t Worried (One Republic). Many fans believe that the male idol wants to secretly say: I am not worried. Fans believe that this is a sign that the male idol will soon return to work.

Over a week ago, NCT’s official Instagram account followed the personal Instagrams of all WayV members, including Lucas. This move made WayV and NCT fans angry because they thought SM Ent was showing that they still wanted to keep Lucas in the group lineup.

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