The actress was offered up to 200 million won to have her face fixed but firmly refused for this reason

This actress chose to cherish herself, instead of using plastic surgery to follow the public’s beauty standards.

Having good looks has almost become the norm for all Korean stars. Because of this pressure, many stars have opted for plastic surgery. However, there are also stars who are encouraged to change their appearance but in the end they still refuse, they choose to cherish their natural lines.

Most recently, comedian Oh Na Mi revealed that she received many offers for plastic surgery right at the beginning of her career. In 2009, a plastic surgery clinic offered her a procedure for free and even offered 200 million KRW for a before-after picture. Although the offer was quite attractive, Oh Na Mi still decided to say “no” and kept her original face.

Oh Na Mi
In a show with Lee Gyung Shil and Lee Sang Joon, the comedian Oh Na Mi shared her experience when she was offered free plastic surgery.
Oh Na Mi
This clinic even gave Oh Na Mi 200 million won with the only requirement being to take the before – after pictures. Since she didn’t want to take pictures, she turned down this offer.
Oh Na Mi
Finally, Lee Gyun Shil ended the story with a humorous question: “You made more money by refusing that, didn’t you?” Oh Na Mi laughed loudly: “That’s right.”
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