A Hong Kong girl has a vibe like BLACKPINK Jennie

Tianyi Wang is commented to have a face that is quite similar to BLACKPINK Jennie.  The Hong Kong (China) girl is also famous for her luxurious life.

Although only 16 years old, but Tianyi Wang has a large number of fans.  Currently, her Instagram has more than 141,000 followers.  Each image attracts tens of thousands of interactions.

Tianyi Wang is also considered by many people as “copy of Jennie” because she has a face similar to Jennie – the female singer of BLACKPINK

In many images, the 16-year-old girl has facial expressions quite similar to Jennie.  Tianyi Wang’s name is gaining more attention and is expected to become a prominent face in the entertainment industry.

She is pretty, has a attractive charisma and has a luxurious and impressive photography style.

The luxurious life of the 16-year-old girl makes many people admire .  She regularly check-in at many different famous places

The little girl used to travel to the US, Turkey, Japan … Every journey, she kept memorable moments.

Tianyi Wang loves photography and travel.  This girl always brings positive energy to everyone.Despite actively posting pictures and interacting with people on social networks, Tianyi is quite secretive about her private life.

She rarely posts family photos.

However, many people are still guessing about her background.

Tianyi Wang knows how to choose age-appropriate clothes, still very elegant and eye-catching.

Her soft, smooth hair also helps to enhance her feminine beauty.

The “copy of Jennie” gradually improves her beauty with age and time.  The angle of the impressive face makes many people crazy.

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