‘Girls Planet 999’ finalist Kawaguchi Yurina came under controversy for liking a comment about Huening Bahiyyih

Girls Planet 999” is a survival reality show produced by Mnet that aired in Korea last year. Through the show, the debut lineup of the multinational girl group Kep1er (including 6 Korean members, 2 Japanese members and 1 Chinese member) was selected. On January 3, Kep1er officially debuted with the mini-album “FIRST IMPACT” and the title track “WA DA DA“. The rookie girl group has quickly achieved impressive success for a rookie within just a few days into their debut. 

Although Kep1er has officially made a debut, it seems that there are still many fans who are not fully satisfied with the current lineup because their bias in the show did not make the cut. Among the 9 contestants eliminated in the finale, Kawaguchi Yurina probably caused the most regret because in the previous rounds, she always ranked high. Yet, the Japanese trainee only got 14th place in the final ranking.

Kawaguchi Yurina

Recently, Kawaguchi Yurina drew a huge controversy on social media after she liked a comment written by a fan that mentions Huening Bahiyyih. Specifically, the following comment was left on TikTok on January 17 in Japanese: “Yurina, did you know your fans sent messages asking to switch your and Huening Bahiyyih’s ranking, some even swore at and threatened to kill her… in the finale of “Girls Planet 999″?”. According to fans, Kawaguchi Yurina liked this comment but then unliked it.

Kawaguchi Yurina

Since this incident broke out, fans on Twitter have been constantly talking and arguing about it. Many fans have defended Yurina by claiming that the female trainee is not a manager of social media accounts but a management team, and they regularly like every comment from fans. However, some others found that explanation unconvincing and whether it was Yurina or her team, they didn’t like every comment under the posts. As a result, netizens started debating whether the fact that her account accidentally or intentionally liked this comment, and whether Yurina really knew about what her fans did to Huening Bahiyyih or not.

As the incident spread more and more widely, Huening Bahiyyih‘s fan community soon spoke up to defend their idol. Many people have started trending the hashtag #yurinaapologize to demand an official apology from Kawaguchi Yurina.

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