Lee Sang-yeob’s Marriage News Sparks Attention to an Accurate Prediction 2 Years Ago

Lee Sang-yeob has announced his marriage and notably, a numerologist had accurately predicted the timing of his wedding

In an episode of tvN show ‘Sixth Sense 2’ aired in 2021, a numerologist who reads fortunes through graphs analyzed the fortunes of the cast members.

At that time, the numerologist asked Lee Sang-yeob, “Did you originally plan to work in this field?” Lee Sang-yeob replied by shaking his head and saying, “No.” The numerologist emphasized, “This fortune has changed.”

Lee Sang-yeob, originally with a background in business administration, changed his career path to acting in his late 20s. Recognizing this, the numerologist added, “Your luck will change in your 30s, and you will enter the marriage phase,” pinpointing the year 2024 as the timing for Lee Sang-yeob’a marriage.

Lee Sang-yeob

The numerologist also said that Lee Sang-yeob will meet an excellent woman in his early forties and live happily together, “It’s a fortune that shows a spouse’s virtues. A fortune that sees the benefits of a spouse.” Lee Sang-yeob, born in 1983, is currently 40 years old. Comments from netizens flooded the video, expressing amazement, “It’s amazing that they predicted the marriage timing accurately,” “He’s really getting married in 2024,” “I heard the news of his marriage and came to watch this.”

Lee Sang-yeop will tie the knot with his non-celebrity girlfriend in March of next year. His agency stated earlier today, “They have just started preparing for the wedding. We will announce the specific schedule once it is confirmed.”

Source: naver

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