LIGHTSUM Hina is expected to become the ‘new Sana’ thanks to her outstanding beauty

Lightsum’s Hina has many strengths to become a Japanese beauty that attracts Korean fans like Sana (Twice). 

Cube’s rookie girlgroup – Lightsum – just debuted on June 10 with the single Vanilla.  The debut of (G)I-DLE’s sister group received the attention of Kpop fans.  One of the members that attracts the most attention is Hina.  The female idol became the focus of attention on Pann Nate with many compliments for her pretty visual.  She was praised as one of the most beautiful Japanese idols ever working in Kpop.


Hina (born 2003) real name is Nagai Hina, has Japanese nationality. 


The female idol takes the position of backing vocalist, is one of the most prominent members in terms of visual. 


Hina’s lovely and sweet beauty is very suitable for the taste of Korean audiences.  She is also able to speak Korean fluently.


Many people think that Hina’s face is a combination of ITZY Yuna’s doll-like beauty and STAYC Su Min’s bright intelligence. 

Some fans expect Hina to become the “next Sana”.  If she can exploit the sweet and feminine beauty and show her own charm, she will definitely be one of the most famous Japanese idols of the 4th generation.

Despite just making the debut, Hina has shown the potential of a new generation “goddess”.

The 18-year-old female idol has bright eyes, a charming smile, and is very flexible in expressing her expressions when performing.

Her only downside is that she’s only 1m58 tall.

Source: iOne

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