The level of monsters in the extreme survival drama “Duty After School”, “They’re more intelligent than zombies”

The ongoing survival series “Duty After School” is drawing keen attention from drama fans these days.

Based on a web novel of the same name, “Duty After School” tells about senior students at Seongjin High School who holds guns in a “real war”, instead of pens in entrance exams, to fight against mysterious creatures that attack their school.

Duty After School

In fact, the creatures that appear in this drama are different from those that viewers have seen in previous monster K-dramas. They are not only unbelievably intelligent and fast but also have small bodies, making survival extremely difficult. In particular, “Duty After School” monsters even know how to drop objects to kill their opponents and react according to humans’ actions and movements. As humans are trapped in this apocalypse, even high school students are sent to the front lines to fight the monsters.

Duty After School

In the past, drama and movie productions centered on enormous and powerful creatures. However, recent Korean monster dramas, such as “Kingdom” and “All of Us Are Dead”, have shifted towards making smaller and faster monsters that maximize spectacle. This allows producers to make more extreme action scenes and bring more thrilling experiences to viewers.

With such a development in monster creations, “Duty After School” has received explosive reactions since its release. Netizens who watched the drama commented, “I think ‘Duty After School’ has the hardest survival level among Korean dramas about apocalypses”, “It seems possible to survive in a world with zombies, but I think I won’t be able to endure this world”, “Surviving in this world is not easy at all… The monsters are so intelligent”.

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