Winner Lee Seung Hoon “Mino’s housewarming party without Mino, it makes no sense”

Winner Lee Seung Hoon revealed an anecdote about going to Song Mino’s house to play.

Special DJs Lee Seung Hoon and Kim Jin Woo hosted KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Gi Kwang’s Music Plaza”, which aired on Jan 16th, instead of DJ Lee Gi Kwang, who left for a business trip. Song Mino, who recently held an individual exhibition as a painter, appeared in the guest seat to cheer for them.


When a listener asked “I heard that when the members went to Mino’s house to play, Mino left them there and went backpacking. Please talk about this story!“, Lee Seung Hoon explained the situation at that time.

Lee Seung Hoon (WINNER)

Lee Seung Hoon confessed, “Song Mino’s mother cooked delicious food for Song Mino’s housewarming party, but Song Mino suddenly packed up his 20kg marching luggage and went backpacking.” Song Mino was rather angry, saying, “But didn’t I serve coffee?

“Music Plaza” listeners responded enthusiastically, such as “Mino’s mother must have felt awkward“, “Mino’s housewarming party without Mino“…

song mino thumbnail

“Lee Gi Kwang’s Music Plaza” airs every day from noon to 2 PM on KBS Cool FM 89.1MHz, apps “Kong” or “My K”.

Source: Daum

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