The fashion of “Single’s Inferno 2” female cast, are they as striking as Song Ji Ah?

Many are comparing the fashion style of the female cast in “Single’s Inferno 2” to Song Ji Ah, an outstanding participant of Season 1.

After the massive success of its first season, “Single’s Inferno” is currently airing season 2 and receiving a lot of attention from the public. Similar to the previous season, people are discussing the wardrobes of Season 2’s female members, and bringing up Song Ji Ah – the “fashion goddess” of season 1. 

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People also pay attention to the fashion of “Single’s Inferno 2” female cast members 
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Shin Seul Ki, a former “Miss Korea” contestant who’s now the “hottest” girl in “Single’s Inferno 2”, adopts a sweet yet still sexy style. With a conventional beauty and fair skin, Shin Seul Ki often wears princess-like mini dresses with puffy or flowy details, exuding a classy image.
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Lee Nadine, who draws attention for her jaw-dropping academic accomplishment, boasts a completely different style. Instead, her wardrobe is still of chic and cool items, such as non-sleeve tops, spaghetti string gowns, square neck tees… which show off her straight shoulder line and collarbones. 
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Choi Seo Eun keeps it elegant with youthful pops of colors. She seems to be a trendy woman with a wardrobe full of viral items, from bodycon dresses, crop top cardigans, to silk halter mini dresses. 

In addition, female members of “Single’s Inferno 2” also show off items from mid-end to high-end brands. Most of their bags come from luxury designer houses such as Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent, etc. 

However, many people claimed that while all of them dress well and trendy, they still lose out to season 1’s Song Ji Ah, whose feminine, chic, yet still alluring wardrobe went viral even with non-watchers. 

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Song Ji Ah went viral after her appearance in “Single’s Inferno” season 1 and earned a lot of praise for her makeup and clothes
song ji ah
Ever since the moment she appeared, it is impossible to take eyes off Song Ji Ah, who boasts gorgeous visuals and trendy fashion. 
Song Ji-ah
Song Ji Ah’s princess-like fashion has its own chic edge, with smart combinations of accessories, style, and color
song ji ah
Song Ji Ah’s wardrobe never gets boring, easily switching from dreamy to sexy with a change of clothes
song ji ah
She is also extremely smart with the silhouettes of her outfit, opting for clothes that can flaunt her shoulder, collarbone, cleavage, and small waist. At the same time, her clothes still maintain great elegance. 
song ji ah
In addition, Song Ji ah also pays attention to her hairstyle and makeup, changing her accessories such as bags, necklaces, and bracelets according to the occasion.

Source: k14

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