How has Son Ye Jin changed after dating Hyun Bin?

Son Ye Jin is always a topic of discussion, especially after the actress publicly dated Hyun Bin.

Recently, netizens revealed an interview of Son Ye Jin with the media. It is worth mentioning that the actress has been subjected to a series of contradictory statements compared to the time before publicly dating Hyun Bin.

Specifically, when asked, “Do you prefer older or younger boys?”, she immediately replied, “It doesn’t matter”. It is worth mentioning that many years ago, in a TV program, the actress stated that she liked the type of man older than her age. At the present time, when publicly dating Hyun Bin, the actress has changed her answer completely.

Son Ye Jin

Not stopping there, when asked Son Ye Jin: “What is your latest obsession?”, the actress replied, “Drink beer”, then giggled. And this continues to be under scrutiny because during the promotion of the movie “Crash Landing on You”, the actress almost could only shake her head in disgust at Hyun Bin’s sharing that he liked to drink beer.

Son Ye Jin

Since being “opened” by Dispatch earlier this year, Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin has become the hottest couple in Kbiz, receiving support from the public. Many fans can’t help but hope that the couple will soon marry to satisfy the long-awaited expectation.

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