The model who received bouquet at Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in’s wedding will hold her wedding today (Sep 23rd)

Model-fashion designer Lee Ho-yeon, who caught the bouquet at Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in’s wedding last April, surprised everyone with news of her own wedding

According to My Daily on Sep 23rd, Lee Ho-yeon will hold her wedding ceremony at a hotel in Seoul on the same day.

Reportedly, Lee Ho-yeon’s prospective groom is not a celebrity, and the couple has been dating for 4 years.

Lee Ho-yeon-lee da in lee seung gi

Lee Ho-yeon expressed her feelings through Instagram on Sep 22nd, saying, “On the fourth autumn that we spend together, we are wrapping up our happy four-year dating process and starting anew. There were many unexpected changes in preparing for the wedding, so it was difficult to announce the news in advance.

She continued, “Meeting and greeting each other is proper etiquette, but there were concerns that reaching out after a long time might be considered rude, so I apologize to those I haven’t been able to inform in advance.

She added, “I hope you will warmly celebrate our happy beginning.”

Previously, Lee Ho-yeon gained attention when she caught the bouquet at the wedding of singer-actor Lee Seung-gi and actress Lee Da-in last April. With this announcement, she is getting married about 5 months after receiving the bouquet at their wedding.

Lee Ho-yeon

At that time, Lee Ho-yeon shared through Instagram, “On the wedding day of my dear friend, I received this bouquet. It’s as lovely and pretty as her (Lee Da-in). I’ll get good energy from you two and tell you good news soon. I sincerely congratulate you on your marriage.”

Meanwhile, Lee Ho-yeon is a model under KPLUS.

Source: Wikitree

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