“Single’s Inferno 2”: The Harvard beauty has become a couple with an unexpected guy on the show?

A photo uploaded to welcome the New Year by Nadine of “Single’s Inferno 2” is stirring up the online community.

Among all the female cast of “Single’s Inferno 2,” Lee Nadine is the most impressive in terms of her academic background. She is currently studying Neuroscience at Harvard University. Before, she even received acceptance letters from prestigious IVY League schools such as Yale and Princeton. 

Single's Inferno
Single's Inferno

Despite being a woman with both beauty and brain, Lee Nadine’s adventure on “Single’s Inferno 2” is not going very well. At first, she had her eyes on psychologist Shin Dong Woo before changing to Youtuber Kim Jin Young. However, both guys choose the hottest girl on the show, Shin Seul Ki.

On the first day of 2023, however, Lee Nadine surprised fans of “Single’s Inferno” by surprise as she revealed a photo of herself with a mysterious guy. Immediately, they rushed to find the identity of Lee Nadine’s “special partner”.

Lee Nadine
Lee Nadine posted a photo with a mysterious guy

So far, many people speculated that this mysterious person is a fellow “Single’s Inferno 2” cast member. Particular, they believed he may be Kim Han Bin – an actor known for looking like Nam Joo Hyuk, as he wore a similar ring with the guy in the photo.

Kim Han Bin Single's Inferno
Kim Han Bin in “Single’s Inferno 2”
Kim Han Bin Single's Inferno
Han Bin and Lee Nadine’s mysterious guy wear the same ring

Kim Han Bin is currently a freelance actor. He once appeared in a supporting role in “Hwarang” (2016). In the first episode of “Single’s Inferno 2”, Kim Han Bin impressed the girls with his cooking skills. However, he did not receive a confession from any female cast member. Up to now, Lee Nadine and Kim Han Bin have not had any noticeable interaction. Therefore, fans still have many doubts about the identity of the guy in the photo.

Kim Han Bin Single's Inferno
In the last 2 episodes, Kim Han Bin was chosen by another girl as her partner to paradise island

Many viewers are guessing that it could be Han Bin or some guy on the show or even in real life that Lee Nadine wants to keep his identity private. Whether or not Kim Han Bin has a relationship with the smartest girl on the show will be unveiled in the upcoming episodes of “Single’s Inferno 2”.

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