Eunhyuk’s father, who challenged to become a senior model after plastic surgery, passed away

Super Junior Eunhyuk lost his father. A son who showed his love for his father on TV until just 4 months ago. It comes as a bigger sadness since Eunhyuk even bought a detached house to live with his family.

On August 6th, Eunhyuk’s agency announced the news of his father’s death. The agency said, “It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Super Junior Eunhyuk‘s father. As decided upon by the family, the funeral will be held privately with relatives and close acquaintances only. Due to the sudden news, Eunhyuk was unable to depart for the [SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR – SUPER SHOW 9: ROAD in MANILA] concert scheduled for today.”

The agency continued, “We are internally discussing matters on the concert and will provide additional guidance as soon as possible. We apologize for the sudden notice and appreciate your understanding during this time.”

The agency added, “For the safety of all, we politely decline any visits and flowers, and ask for your kind consideration to allow Eunhyuk plenty of privacy and time to mourn. May he rest in peace.”

Until just 4 months ago, Eunhyuk and his father showed their special feelings for each other several times on TV. Along with his father, Eunhyuk appeared on KBS2’s “Mr. House Husband season 2” and showed the side of a filial son.

He even transformed into a diet coach for his father, who was diagnosed with severe abdominal obesity during a medical checkup. As Super Junior’s main dancer, Eunhyuk started to help his father burn visceral fat through a thorough diet of zero fat and carbohydrates, along with various training such as dance diet, yoga and hula hoop to lose weight happily.

Earlier, Eunhyuk’s father underwent surgery for an acute myocardial infarction in 2013. Eunhyuk directly took care of his father, who had been on medication until now.

Last year, Eunhyuk made a birthday meal to celebrate his father’s 66th birthday. He also created special memories by asking for help from Super Junior Leeteuk, who is knowledgeable in cooking to the point of running a personal broadcasting channel.

In addition, in April, Eunhyuk’s father challenged to become a senior model after upper eyelid surgery. Eunhyuk, who at first discouraged his father, finally understood his father’s desire to live a second life and began to actively support him together with his older sister.

Eunhyuk volunteered to be a special assistant, from model walking to idol pictorial poses. Later, Eunhyuk’s father, who visited the modeling academy with him, did a runway with Kim Chil-doo, Korea’s first senior model.

The filial piety of Eunhyuk, who had exceptional love for his father, touched the public’s hearts. A father-son relationship in which the son was affectionate enough to be called a “filial idol”. Eunhyuk lost his father early like that. People are pouring out many condolences to him and his family.

Source: daum

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