The pressing issue about fan-only: Idols are harshly disrespected by fans of their own members

The pressing issue about akgae fans: Idols are harshly disrespected by fans of their own members

Recently, many idols have been mistreated and even cursed at by the akgae fans (fans-only, who only love and support one certain member in a group and dislike the other members).


Lately, the Blink fandom was extremely furious at the incident in which Lisa was cursed by Jennie’s fans, while BlackPink members were recording for a radio show to promote for their latest comeback and their latest song Ddu-du Ddu-du.
Specifically, while radio shows are recorded, fans can usually watch their idols through a glass layer. And in this case, compared to Jennie, Lisa was closer to the glass, that’s why she unintentionally blocked the fans’ view of Jennie. On top of that, some Jennie’s fans let out rude words and cursed at Lisa. This incident infuriated many Lisa’s fans. After that, the group’s fansite had to apologize for this controversy.
Lisa was cursed by Jennie’s fans while recording for a radio show.

2. Kyul Kyung (PRISTIN)

The beautiful idol Kyul Kyung wasn’t welcomed by the fans of her own group when she promoted Get It with the sub unit PRISTIN V. Usually, fans support their idols by doing the fan-chant at music stages. Other members were passionately supported by the fans but when Kyul Kyung’s solo part came, all the fans kept silent.
This incident happened because fans felt that Kyul Kyung had too many activities in China, so sooner or later, she might leave the group to develop her career in her home country. Moreover, PRISTIN fans thought that Kyul Kyung betrayed her group.
Fans ignored Kyul Kyung as they assumed that she betrayed PRISTIN

3. Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene was pushed by a Wendy’s fan when this fan was trying to find a good position to take some photos of his bias. Fans discovered that while moving to looking for a good position, this fan accidentally pushed Irene and affected her safety. After the collision, this fansite master posted an apology, but it looks like this apology couldn’t satisfy the strict netizens, especially Irene’s fans.
Irene was pushed by Wendy fan

4. Tzuyu (TWICE)

Just like Lisa, the youngest member of TWICE was insulted by her group’s fans. At a fansign, when Tzuyu was suggested to greet fans, suddenly, some fans loudly shouted to ask Tzuyu to not greet or do anything. They even told this member to shut up, making her confused and don’t know what to do.
Tzuyu was insulted by fans at a fansign
These female idols were attacked not only by anti-fans but also by fans of their own group
It is not rare in Kpop that fans only support one member in a certain group, but rude and impolite actions like this are definitely disrespectful towards idols and negatively affect them. It is hoped that fans-only can control their emotions and behaviors, so that they don’t provoke any unfortunate conflict within their own fandoms.

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