BLINKs explained for Jisoo’s absence in BLACKPINK photo taken with Ariana Grande

This is probably the most reasonable explaination for Jisoo’s absence.

Recently, Ariana Grande finally satisfied fans who have been always eager to see her and BLACKPINK together by posting the photo taken her and the three members Rosé, Lisa and Jennie on her Instagram account.

(After just a day of posting, the photo has attracted more than 1 million likes, Jennie also commented below: “You’re the sweatest, we love you”)

However, fans rapidly realized the absence of Jisoo on the photo. Ariana just simply put a black heart icon for the caption without saying a word. This special picture was taken when the 3 BLACKPINK’s members visited Ariana’s lounge at the ‘2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival’. This is making controversies and some negative people have immediately thought of a discrimination towards the visual of BLACKPINK.

(According to the photos posted on BLACKPINK members’ instagram accounts, there were times that someone was missing on the trip of the others 3.)

Ever since BLACKPINK started promoting and touring in the US, Jisoo has always been underestimated compared to the rest of the members and always seems to be “left behind” due to her lack of fluency in English. However, BLINKs have recently given reasonable explaination for her absence. And the reason explaining for this is because she was in her ‘day offs’.

Despite all the rumors, Jisoo has definately enjoyed this promotion with the other members of BLACKPINK

During this promotion in the US, as well as at the Coachella music festival, it seems that each member of BLACKPINK will have a private ‘day offs’ for themselves. Jennie also did not appear in Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo’s trip at Universal Studios and similarly, Rosé did not attend when the other three went to eat at the famous Beverly Hills restaurant.

How do you think about BLINKs’ explaination?

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