NCT official lighstick: angry hashtag trended by many fandoms ask for fairness of SM female artists

It is seen that non of SM female groups or singers has the official lightstick despite the long active time.

Yesterday, when appearing at the event “Fan Party 2018”, 18 NCT members surprised all the fans with the specially designed lightsticks they brought. Even though there hasn’t been any official announcement from SM, everyone believed that this is the official lightsticks that were designed for NCT members and their fandom, as the company promised last year that 2018 will be a big year for this male group.
Beside NCT’s unique designed lightsicks that puzzle even the group’s fans, the fact that NCT – the youngest artist of SM Entertainment until now – got the official lightstick so soon triggered many arguments. In reality, NCT is the 4th artist in SM to have the official lightstick, previously, EXO, Super Junior and TVXQ were also honored with this special item. Moreover, the great seniors of NCT, TVXQ and Super Junior had to wait for more than a decade to get their official lightstick.
Before NCT, SM only respectively announced official lightsticks for EXO…  
Super Junior… … and TVXQ Therefore, after the photos of NCT’s official lightstick were uploaded on the Internet, many SM fans simultaneously expressed their dissatisfaction on social media. As Super Junior got official lightstick in the end of last year, and a short time later, TVXQ also owned the special lightstick, fans hoped that other senior SM artists such as: SNSD, SHINee, f(x) or the popular group like Red Vetvet will get their lightsticks soon. However, SM surprised and offended all the fans with the release of NCT’s official lightstick.

Furthermore, a great amount of people also found that none of SM female artists has the official lightstick, while other companies’ girlgroups such as A Pink, TWICE, MAMAMOO, G-Friend, Cosmic Girls,.. announced their official “item” long time ago. Therefore, since yesterday night, many SM stans started to trend this hashtag on Twitter: #SM_여돌차별_공론화 (Translation: SM, explain about the female artists discrimination).

More information, this hashtag was first spread by Red Velvet’s fandom in Korea to request the benefits for SM female idols. Last night, SM_여돌차별_공론화 quickly climbed up on Korean Twitter top trend, demonstrating the extreme anger of a part of SM fans about the “discrimination” attitude between SM’s boygroups and girlgroups.

However, there are still some other defend SM and assume that if SM really biased boygroups, Super Junior and TVXQ wouldn’t have to wait for their official lightstick in 12 – 14 years!

What do you think about the arguments about the announcement of SM idols’ official lightsticks?

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