Melting over the sweet relationship between Kim Seon Ho and Han So Hee at AAA 2022: The actress actively reached out for the actor, a friendship blossomed from previous collaboration 

Their chemistry captured the attention of the audience and netizens. 

“Asia Artist Awards 2022” (AAA 2022) officially took place on December 13th and witnessed various “legendary” moments, one of which was the interaction between Han So Hee and Kim Seon Ho

The two actors were seen talking nonstop at the event and walking in pairs throughout the ceremony. Han So Hee was active in reaching out to grab Kim Seon Ho’s arm, teasing him and chattering expressively. In response to these obviously intimate gestures, the public are wondering if there are any special feelings or it simply is sibling-like closeness between them. 

Kim Seon Ho Han So Hee
Han So Hee was watchful over Kim Seon Ho and helped him blend with the crowd in his first post-scandal event attendance. When she saw him hesitant to step to the front row, the actress grabbed him by the arm to lead the way 
Kim Seon Ho Han So Hee
Kim Seon Ho was also gallant to his best mate. He carefully pulled a chair for her before gesturing the actress to sit down 

It turns out the two actors knew each other from before by working together in “100 Days My Prince” and became close friends. AAA 2022 was Kim Seon Ho’s first red carpet appearance following the scandal with his ex-girlfriend. Despite being proven innocent, the actor appeared to be experiencing anxiety and nausea, which the actress noticed and actively talked to him to lighten the mood. 

Even when the two remained seated, Han So Hee kept on teasing Kim Seon Ho, boasting a strong bond between them. 

Kim Seon Ho Han So Hee
Han So Hee and Kim Seon Ho talked and interacted intimately all to the stage to take post-event photos 
Kim Seon Ho Han So Hee
Kim Seon Ho Han So Hee
Han So Hee reached out to tease Kim Seon Ho despite the distance 
kim seon ho AAA
Han So Hee AAA
Fans were touched with the pair’s cuteness and hoped to see more of their chemistry as a lead couple in a future collaboration 

Source: Koreaboo, Twitter

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