Park Yoo Chun had used drug 5 times at Hwang Hana’s house or hotel

SBS’s “8 News” has released several circumstantial details on the drug charges of singer and actor Park Yoo Chun, who is on the verge of being arrested.


On April 24th, “8 News” reported on Park Yoo Chun’s drug charges.

According to the broadcast, police believes Park Yoo Chun has committed drugs using a total of five times. They have found that Park had injected 1.5 grams of methamphetamine in February and March and that Hwang Ha Na had taken the total of remaining drugs until shortly before she was hospitalized. According to the police, Park Yoo Chun is believed to have used Hwang Ha Na’s house and hotel as a place to inject drugs.

Later, police reportedly sought an arrest warrant for Park after he denied the drug charges to the end. Police confirmed the results of Park’s drug-positive test from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation on Wednesday, three days before Park’s third summons, and continued to question the male idol.

Police also said Park Yoo Chun testified that he did go to a hotel with Hwang Ha Na but did not take any drugs.

Source: nate

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