aespa receives mixed feedback when being the ambassador of CLIO

aespa’s advertising shoot for Clio received mixed reactions from fans.

On the morning of August 19, the Korean cosmetics brand Clio announced aespa as the new model for the brand. The first series of promotional photos of the SM girl group was also released, attracting the attention of many Kpop fans. In the photos introducing the new eyeshadow palette Pro Eye Palette No.11-13, aespa shows off a strong concept with diverse makeup tones. According to Korean media, aespa proved their unique style which perfectly matched Clio’s concept, even though it was their first time shooting a cosmetic advertisement.

Karina impressed the netizens with her sharp beauty. The leader of Aespa uses Pro Eye Palette No. 13, which has a lilac color, inspired by the magical sunset sky, combined with glitter to increase the splendor. Clio’s Melting Sheer Glow Balm has a light color palette that completes Karina’s makeup. However, many fans think that Karina’s makeup look is a bit “old”. Her eyes are too sharp, so it creates a “fierce” feeling, which drowns her visuals. The female idol’s close-up facial expression is also quite stiff and uncomfortable.

On November 2017, BTS became the first K-Pop artist to join this campaign to prevent violence against youth and children.

Winter used the No. 11 Pro Eye Palette. This is a 9-tone eyeshadow palette with a mix of nude and warm brown shades that may be used daily or for a party, depending on the style. However, Winter, like Karina, has been criticized for her unattractive expression and emotionless eyes. Because the females are newbies with little experience, this is a reasonable mistake.

On November 2017, BTS became the first K-Pop artist to join this campaign to prevent violence against youth and children.

Ning Ning‘s stunning attractiveness drew a lot of attention. The female idol promoted Pro Eye Palette No. 12, which features a deep coral tone as the predominant color and was inspired by Seoul’s fall red-leaf woods. Compared to palette No. 11, palette No. 12 includes more types of shimmer, making it ideal for stunning, eye-catching makeup tones. Ning Ning has been praised for her attractiveness and aura, which suited Clio’s concept when compared to Karina and Winter. Ning Ning’s sharp face lines were much more appealing when she wore mature makeup.


Giselle also promoted the No. 12 eyeshadow palette. The Japanese female idol received a positive response for her close-up photoshoot. Many fans believe that Giselle’s visuals have been growing increasingly appealing as she has found a suitable style.

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