BTS Jin, No.1 among soloists on “Top 10 artists mentioned on social media”… “Global Social King”

BTS Jin became the center of attention as he was named on “Top 10 artists mentioned on social media” for 16 consecutive months.

Jin took first place among solo artists on “Top 10 artists mentioned on social media” and was named for 16 consecutive months. This is the first and longest milestone for an artist in the world.

On Oct 22nd, through their official account, NetBase Quid, a U.S. social media analysis company and consumer market information platform, announced “Top 10 artists mentioned on social media” related to “NEW MUSIC” in October.

bts global ranking

Jin came second on “Top 10 artists mentioned on social media” in October, ranking first among solo artists.

With this, Jin set a milestone of being the world’s first artist to be in the top 10 for 16 consecutive months, the longest chart-in ever.

bts global ranking

In addition, Jin’s group BTS topped the list, and Jin is showing his amazing potential by being listed as both a group and a solo artist in the TOP 2 for 3 consecutive months.

With high interest and popularity, Jin has been listed on the TOP 10 chart every time since the launch of the NetBase Quid chart, showing off the dazzling power of “SNS Social King”.

According to NetBase Quid, Jin was the first artist to be mentioned the most among male individuals worldwide at the Grammy Awards in April.

bts jin

Besides, Jin showed extraordinary influence by surpassing top pop stars and becoming the most mentioned person at the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) last year.

Not only that, he took first place for 2 consecutive months in February and March, and rose to the top as the most mentioned artist on SNS related to “NEW MUSIC”. Jin showed a strong presence by topping the list a total of 4 times, including No.1 in July last year.

bts jin

Meanwhile, Jin will release his first solo single “The Astronaut” on Oct 28th.

In addition, he will perform the new song as a special guest at the Argentina concert of Coldplay’s world tour “MUSIC of the SPHERES” on Oct 28th (local time).

Fans are sending warm cheers and support to Jin, who is proving his high topicality and brand power through his recent entertainment activities.

Source: daum

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