Lisa talks BLACKPINK’s future, the pressure she endured during trainee days and long break between comebacks

Lisa was under so much pressure during the first 2 years of BLACKPINK’s debut, she cried. 

In BLACKPINK’s newly released interview with The Rolling Stone, Lisa recalled what being a foreign trainee at a top company in Korea, YG Entertainment, was like to her. And obviously, it was no piece of cake, even for someone who is incredibly talented like Lisa. 


Lisa went through such a hard time at a young age that she even thought of giving up on her dreams to debut in K-pop. Taking monthly exams back then took a toll on Lisa, making her exhausted and wondering when the training period was going to end. Thankfully, it was Lisa’s mother who repeatedly encouraged her and kept her going. 

Sharing about that difficult time, Lisa shared that it was her mother who repeatedly encouraged her and kept her going: “She’d say, ‘Don’t come back! Just hang on for another year!’ There would be times when I’d say, ‘I just want to go back to school.” Our debut plans kept being pushed back and back, and I couldn’t see the end of this. ‘When was this going to end? Like, when?! Do we have to get tested every single month?”

When Lisa told her mother that she wanted to give up, her mother said: “Think about your situation. How many kids want to be in your place? If you give up and come home, do you think you can have a normal life? You’re just going to try again. You’re here now, just hold on until the end.”


Even after BLACKPINK debuted in 2016, everything did not automatically become easier. Lisa mentioned the group’s 1-year break between the promotions for “As If It’s Your Last” in 2017 and “DDU-DDU DDU-DU” in 2018, saying it was a rough time for her. Lisa said she struggled to sing back then, saying, “When I went to the studio to record, nothing came out. I cried.” She got upset, disappointed in herself, and worried that she was hurting the whole group. Fortunately, Lisa could eventually overcome that difficult time thanks to producer Teddy, who refused to let Lisa give up and pushed her to pour in more effort.

The original photo used by Mnet.

Regarding the future of BLACKPINK, Lisa has faith that the members will stay together for a long time, at least another decade. Even when BLACKPINK members enter their 40s, get married, and the group is no longer active, Lisa said her wish is to do a reunion concert with Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé, like Spice Girls. 

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