The choreography of Aespa is so sophisticated that it was edited by the choreographers of BLACKPINK, TWICE,…

To create the complete choreography for aespa’s new song “Next Level”, many choreographers participated in the production process.

With the new song “Next Level,” aespa has made their first comeback since their debut. From concept to MV, SM’s investment in aespa can be witnessed. The choreography of Next Level is another SM investment in aespa that many people are unaware of.

Next Level choreography has many impressive highlights and some moves that require good teamwork, creating beautiful effects.  According to the credits, up to 7 choreographers participated in the choreography for aespa’s latest song.  Prominent among them is Keil Tutin.  Keil Tutin is the top dance choreographer.  He is the author of the hit dance series of BLACKPINK, TWICE, ITZY…

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Kiel Tutin has worked with YG for many years.  However, for SM, this is the first time that Kiel Tutin has collaborated with.  Despite a hand injury, Kiel Tutin still brought the most impressive dance moves in Next Level for aespa.

The remaining names on the list of choreographers that make up the Next Level choreography: JoJo Gomez, Redlic Haeun and Yeojin (under YGX), Bada Lee (known choreographer of SM), Rozalin, La Chica (used to be a choreographer for Chungha, CLC, BoA…).

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