IVE Won-young suddenly started to resemble Song Ji-ah from “Singles’ Inferno” from style to face expression

IVE Jang Won-young is once again drawing attention for her resemblance to “Singles’ Inferno” Song Ji-ah.  

IVE Jang Won-young is once again drawing attention for her resemblance to “Singles’ Inferno” Song Ji-ah. Let’s take a look at these young women who go to the same shop and are already close to each other, and how they resemble each other.

IVE Won-young Song Ji-ah

▲ An innocent look without a pout from IZ*ONE’s debut days

Like a fresh sprout! Her fashion and appearance were quite different from now. Should we call this a “pure and fresh” look?

IVE Won-young Song Ji-ah

▲ Jang Won-young is still cute.

She is tall and has a baby face that is a total opposite from her physique, giving her an unexpected charm. Her fresh, rookie charm was still visible.

IVE Won-young Song Ji-ah

▲ Jang Won-young, the start of a more grown-up beauty + her iconic smiling face

Since when did she grow up so fast? Jang Won-young emitted a vibe that resembles Song Ji-ah a lot. The “free.zia” YouTube channel was opened on August 23rd, 2019, after which Jang Won-young’s beauty transformation started. Is it just a coincidence?

IVE Won-young Song Ji-ah

▲ Jang Won-young and Song Ji-ah, “Double eyelids, thick lips, and even the same makeup style”

Jang Won-young’s face slowly gets more and more alike to free.zia’s face. Is it because beauties resemble each other? Or they are just confusingly similar in everything?

IVE Won-young Song Ji-ah

▲ Who follows who?… We can’t tell at first glance

Jang Won-young and Song Ji-ah look much alike in terms of their aura and expressions, which are full of vagueness and SNS sensibility. It has reached the point where they can only be distinguished by looking closely.

IVE Won-young Song Ji-ah

▲ The details that give us goosebumps… The same mole location

This picture is constantly mentioned online. It might even be okay to say that they are blood-related. We appoint these 2 who have the same attractive point as honorary sisters.

IVE Won-young Song Ji-ah

▲ Similar beauty even with light makeup

This is legit even if you think that “Their fancy makeup methods are similar, so they can’t help but look alike.” The feeling of resemblance cannot be erased even with a light makeup that preserves their facial features.

IVE Won-young Song Ji-ah

▲ A hands-on-waist and wink pose… As if they studied posing together

Fans thought this was a décalcomanie. The girls seem to have exchanged (?) their posing technique. Their doppelganger-level visuals are truly “shocking and awesome”.

IVE Won-young Song Ji-ah

▲ Guess this, Is this Song Ji-ah or Jang Won-young?

A photo of the two with a very similar hip vibe. This is like a “spot the difference” game. We can’t tell them apart because they are so similar.

IVE Won-young Song Ji-ah


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