IVE An Yu-jin, dorm room with mini refrigerator + motion bed “I like practicality”

IVE An Yu-jin unveiled her interior taste, which values ​​practicality.

In episode 172 of MBC’s entertainment show “Where is My Home”, which aired on September 4th, An Yu-jin and Gaeul of the popular girl group IVE appeared as intern coordinators for the Bok team.

On this day, Yang Se-hyung asked An Yu-jin and Gaeul whether IVE’s dorm was a hot topic, and asked each of them about their dorm room interior tastes.

An Yu-jin said, “I like completely practical things, so I like a mini refrigerator and practical interiors that can be solved in bed.” Gaeul expressed her wish, “I’m sharing a room with 2 people, so the area is being divided into partitions. I want to decorate it comfortably.”

The Deok team’s intern coordinator Muzie vividly conveyed IVE’s popularity by saying, “My daughters asked for autographed CDs. They’ve rarely done this before.” He then predicted, “When IVE members renew their contracts, all of their wishes will come true.”

However, when Yang Se-hyung picked holes in Muzie’s words “If their wishes don’t come true, will you take responsibility?”, Muzie made everyone laugh as he replied, “Shouldn’t I say it? Can’t you say good things?

Source: daum

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