A celebrity successfully lost 45 kg thanks to dieting and turned over a new leaf in her life

“The Voice of Korea Season 1” contestant Ji Se-hee has recently joined a new audition program and revealed her shocking appearance after dieting.

Dieting not only helps a person gain good health but also a beautiful appearance. Like the saying “the best plastic surgery is diet”, many people got back their jawline and nose tip after losing weight and had a completely different look.

The Voice of Korea Season 1 Ji Se hee 2

Singer Ji Se-hee is a celebrity who has recently attracted great attention by showing her appearance transformation on a broadcast.

After received the silver prize at the 2006 CMB Chin Chin Star Festival and gained recognition for her singing skills, Ji Se-hee became popular by competing in Mnet’s audition program “The Voice of Korea Season 1”. “The Voice of Korea Season 1” is a program in which the judges decide whether the contestants pass or not by hearing only their voices.

The Voice of Korea Season 1 Ji Se hee 3

In this audition program, Ji Se-hee made it to TOP 4 and was able to release a solo album and sing some OSTs. Recognized for her singing ability, she then continued to participate in more singing broadcasts, such as “King of Mask Singer” and “Immortal Songs”.

The Voice of Korea Season 1 Ji Se hee 4

While being a contestant in “The Voice of Korea Season 1” in 2012, Ji Se-hee weighed more than 100kg. Recently she caught the eyes of netizens by appearing with a much skinner look than before on “Hidden Singer Season 4” (Lee Eun-mi episode). Even after her name was revealed, she showed up with a wholly changed appearance and made everyone wonder if it was Ji Se-hee they knew.

After that, Ji Se-hee also challenged herself in “King of Mask Singer”. When she took off her mask, the celebrity panelists did not even recognize her due to her different appearance.

The Voice of Korea Season 1 Ji Se hee 5

Kim Gu-ra, who had often mentioned Ji Se-hee’s name, actually didn’t recognize her when she showed up in front of his eyes.

Moreover, on October 14th, Ji Se-hee joined TV Chosun’s audition program “Tomorrow is a National Singer”. When the judges were surprised by her skinny look, she revealed that she had lost about 45kg. Judge Baek Ji-young expressed her surprise and said, “It seems like you’ve changed into a new person”. Then, Ji Se-hee once again showed off her singing skills with a more refreshing voice. Therefore, this has raised the viewers’ expectations for how far she will go through this audition program.

The Voice of Korea Season 1 Ji Se hee 6

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