ITZY’s Yuna covered BTS’s one-time hit: receiving lots of compliments

Yuna (ITZY) performed a cover dance of the hit song of BTS, attracting a lot of attention

Recently, the social network suddenly posted a dance cover video of the youngest member of ITZYYuna. This video quickly drew the attention of fans with her excellent charisma and visual when performing choreography in the hit song “Blood Sweat & Tears” by senior BTS.

Yuna’s attractive face and flexible and decisive movements have made fans infatuated because she is getting more and more gorgeous. Besides, everyone has to admit that Yuna perfectly expressed the vibe of this song through her seductive aura combined with powerful moves. 

Previously, the ITZY maknae had a chance to collaborate with Jungkook when co-starring with him in BTS’s Love Yourself Highlight Reels. She also admitted that she was a huge fan of the group, it’s no wonder she could cover the sunbae’s hit so well.

Yuna once had a chance to work with BTS Jungkook

Source: K14

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